The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Notary Services: Convenience, Accessibility, and Expertise at Your Doorstep

mobile notary services

Mobile notary services are crucial to legal, financial, and real estate. They make authenticating papers more accessible and faster in a mobile and always busy world.

People and companies that need to get something notarized but can’t go to a regular notary office because they don’t have time, can’t get there easily, or the situation needs to be handled quickly can use these services.

This article will discuss mobile notary services and what they can do for you.

What Is The Definition Of A Mobile Notary Public?

A mobile notary public offers notarization services, such as your house or business, at a convenient location. Notaries can witness and verify signatures on legal documents, administer oaths, and certify copies of papers.

They play a critical function in making essential papers legally binding and enforceable.

How Does Mobile Notary Public Work?

Mobile notary public services are simple and require only a few steps. First, look for a reliable mobile notary service provider in your area. Once you’ve selected one, you may schedule an appointment at a time and location that works for you.

The notary will then travel to your location to witness your signing on the required document and issue the requisite certification. You will be given a signed and stamped copy of the document to keep for your records.

Benefits of Using Mobile Notary Public Services

Convenience Mobile notary services provide a flexible and handy solution for busy people who need vital documents notarized but don’t have time to visit a notary’s office.

Time-saving – By choosing a mobile notary service, you can avoid spending valuable time traveling to and from a notary’s office.

Cost-effective – Mobile notary services are frequently less expensive than regular ones since they do not require travel charges or office overheads.

Personalized service—With mobile notary public services, you will receive personalized attention and service from the notary, who can answer any questions or concerns.

Secure and reliable –Mobile notary services are safe and dependable, guaranteeing that your critical documents are notarized accurately and legally enforceable.

7 Good Reasons To Use A Mobile Notary

Here are some of the many reasons why getting a mobile notary is a good idea:

Spend less time:

One of the best things about getting a mobile notary is that it can save you time. You won’t have to miss work or drive to the notary’s office during lunch. There is no need to go anywhere because the mobile notary will come to you.

Get it done when you want to:

When you use a traveling notary service, you can choose when to have your papers notarized. This is especially helpful if you have much to do as a working individual.

Don’t go to the notary office:

If you’ve ever been to the notary office, you know how long the lines can be. Getting a mobile notary can avoid that trouble and save time.

Reasonable prices:

Many mobile notary services are very cheap, especially considering the cost of driving to and parking at the notary public’s office.

Easy access:

Mobile notaries can often do their work when and where it’s most convenient for you. Since you are already busy, you won’t have to make time to have your papers certified.

Safety has been improved:

You can be sure your papers are safe using a mobile notary service. Your records are safe with mobile notaries because they are professionals who are bonded and insured.

Sign and notarize any paper:

Anyone can use a mobile notary to notarize any document for work or pleasure. You won’t have to make multiple trips to the notary public’s office to certify your essential papers.

How Much Does Mobile Notary Cost?

The majority of mobile notaries charge between $70 for their services. You may also come across flat costs per service rather than hourly charges, such as:

  • $70 for regular document notarization.
  • $175 for real estate loan signatures.
  • $10 for wedding ceremonies (every notary stamp costs the same).

Remember that you will typically be required to pay for a minimum 2-hour service call. Longer travel lengths typically involve higher expenses.

Mobile Notary Cost

The Most Common Notary Public Types

Explanation of the Most Common Types of Notarizations


This notarization method verifies that the document’s signer freely acknowledged their signature. It is usually required for documents such as deeds, mortgages, and deeds of trust.


A jurat is a sort of notarization in which the signer of a document swears an oath or affirmation. This is typically required for affidavits, depositions, and other legal filings.

Copy certifications:

A notary can perform copy certification on a document to ensure that it is a true and accurate reproduction of the original. This is typically required for official documents, passports, and educational certificates.

Witnessing or Attesting:

In some cases, a notary may be required to witness the signing of a document and issue an attestation. This is frequently necessary for wills, powers of attorney, and other significant legal papers.


A notary can also make a protest, a formal declaration made in front of witnesses to record non-acceptance or non-payment of a negotiable instrument, such as a bill of exchange or promissory note.

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