How Much Does a Notary Cost in Toronto 2024?

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Are you writing something formal, like a business contract or deed to a house? If the answer is yes, you will probably need the help of a notary public in your state. This could make you worry about how much it will cost to check something.

It would be best to consider the cost of notarizing a document, whether a legal document, a letter, or a business document. How much does a notary public cost?

Where you live significantly impacts how much a notary costs. This means the cost of notarizing the same paper might differ in Toronto. You should read the notary charge information carefully and understand how it works.

The Importance Of Notary Public Services

Notary public services ensure that legal papers and transactions are natural in a world where honesty and trustworthiness are essential. Notaries public act as neutral witnesses in various legal and business activities. They help stop fraud and build trust by witnessing signatures and administering oaths.

When Are Notary Public Fees Applicable?

Notary fees are what it costs to have a document notarized. These notary fees change a lot from state to state. You will have to pay a fee when you need a contract, property deed, living will, or any other formal document notarized.

There are times when a signing fee is necessary or makes sense. For most things, you may need to have essential papers notarized. These could be loan papers or legal documents. There must be proof from a notary public that all the information on the documents is correct and accurate. Sometimes, you may have to pay a fee to have a notary public sign the document.

Notary Public Services

Factors That Influence Notary Costs

Notary fees are one of the most essential considerations for people when they need a document notarized. In most cases, the costs are modest; however, there are times when they can be relatively high, generally owing to the factors influencing notary rates.

Understanding these elements is critical to avoiding being charged too much, especially when notarizing a document. In this section, we will examine the numerous factors that affect notary public costs from both the notary’s and the client’s viewpoints.

  1. Document kind: One of the most important elements influencing notary fees is the type of document that needs to be notarized. Some documents take more time and effort to notarize than others, which may alter the charge. For example, an essential document like a letter or an affidavit may be less expensive than a complex document like a mortgage or a power of attorney.
  2. Location: The location of the notarization can also influence the charge. In some places, notaries charge more to cover their travel expenses, mainly if they must travel a significant distance to meet with the client. It is crucial to remember that some states have a maximum fee that notaries can charge, so verify your state’s regulations.
  3. Time: The time of day or day of the week when the notarization is performed might also influence the charge. Notaries may charge more for services after hours or on the weekend because they may have to give up personal time to meet the client’s needs.
  4. Notary experience: The notary’s experience and expertise can influence the charge. Notaries with a long track record and a high reputation may charge more than those new to the profession. Notaries with more experience are likelier to do a good job and ensure the document is notarized correctly.
  5. Additional services: Some notaries may charge a fee for additional services such as printing, scanning, or sending the notarized document. To minimize surprises, you should discuss these extra services with the notary before the notarization.

How Much Does a Notary Cost in Ontario?

What kind of paper you need notarized and which notary public you choose can affect the cost of getting it notarized in Toronto—some notaries public price by the hour or a flat fee per paper. Notarization services for one paper will cost between $10 and $30 in Toronto.

Tips for Reducing Notary Fees

It is hard to avoid notary public fees since you are hiring an approved person to do a job. But there are some ways to ensure you only pay what you need when you notarize your Will. You can try these ideas:

  • Find out what notary services your bank offers to customers with accounts there. They can point you toward a branch that can notarize your papers for little or no cost.
  • Ask your family and friends if they know of a way to connect within your network. This is one more way to reduce or eliminate signing fees.
  • Call your local government office before going to a business to get your papers notarized. The sheriff’s office in your area might offer notary services.
public notary Toronto

Find The Best Public Notary Toronto

The notary public price includes the cost of certifying papers and signatures. This price changes depending on the type of document and the state. You can’t avoid these fees, but there are ways to save money. You can get several documents notarized immediately, ask for recommendations, or check with local government offices for cheaper choices.

Using a Mobile Notary Public can also be convenient, saving you time and money. By trying these things, you can lower the notary fees while ensuring your papers are correctly certified. If you need help with law issues, talking to an Ag Law Firm can also be very helpful.


What is a notary public?

Affidavits and statements are signed by swearing or affirming that what is written on a document is genuine. Notaries can also check that signatures, marks, and copies of documents are authentic. The Notaries Act says that the Ministry of the Attorney General is in charge of choosing notaries.

Why do you need a notary?

A lot of law and business situations need things to be notarized. The following are prevalent reasons to get a document notarized:

  • Deals with real estate
  • Having power of attorney
  • Wills and other papers for planning your estate
  • Paperwork for immigration
  • Agreements and contracts for business
  • Documents for travel
  • Letters of consent
  • Letters of invitation

How to get a document notarized in Toronto?

You’ll need to find a notary public to have a document notarized in Toronto. You can search for “notary public Toronto” on Google or any other search engine to find one. You can also find them in law and government offices (courthouses) and public libraries.

Once you’ve found a notary public, you must bring the document you want notarized and a valid government-issued ID, like a driver’s license or passport. The notary public will confirm your identity and witness your signature on the document. They will then sign and seal it to show it is accurate and legally binding.

Notary affidavit cost in Canada?

In Canada, the first notarization of a notary document costs CAD 36.99, and each subsequent notarization costs CAD 21.99. Prices can change depending on how hard the paper is and if you need extra help, like having witnesses or writing affidavits. It would be best to talk to a notary public or legal service provider in your area to get the exact price quote.

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