Real estate transactions


While the Ontario Real Estate Association provides standard agreement forms, we recommend working closely with AG lawyers to professionally review and amend documents to better serve your purchase. At AG Law, we review all the legal documents related to your transaction, including the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. We ensure property taxes are up to date and that there are no claims or liens registered or on file against the desired property. If there is any need for litigation involving the purchase or sale, our experienced lawyers in Real Estate will also point you to the right direction.

When purchasing a home in Ontario, you are also responsible for paying Land Transfer Tax. However, if you are a first-time home buyer, you may qualify for the Land Transfer Tax Rebate. Contact us for more information and eligibility. 


Mortgages Or Refinances

Here at AGlaw we can lead you through your mortgage and loan issues. Our team is equipped with years of experience and knowledge of mortgage rules and regulations. If you want to enter a Mortgage or Loan Enforcement case or decide to refinance your mortgage, we are there to help you step by step. We survey each case individually and suggest solutions best suitable for your very case. Issues of this kind can be complicated and stressful, so we assure you that we respond to our clients’ needs of urgency with speed and delicacy.


At AG Law, we ensure your property is in the right condition to sell and that all laws and procedures are adhered to given the process requires financial responsibilities, regulations, and legal documents. We also make sure to draft the necessary documents to sell your property with fair and favourable terms. Should you need to make adjustments to the agreement or any conditions set, our experienced lawyers will help guide you to protect your legal rights and financial interests. 

Our lawyers can assist you with both residential and commercial transactions including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Advising clients on, and preparing documentation for, purchases, sales, refinances and mortgages
  • Reviewing and preparing documentation for commercial lending transactions
  • Reviewing and advising clients on development opportunities
  • Reviewing and preparing construction contracts
  • Reviewing and preparing co-ownership agreements or title transfers
  • Reviewing and preparing tenancy agreements and lease agreements.